Why I am Not Creating My Own Platform Planks

A few people have asked me if I will be putting out platform planks as part of the Leadership Contest. The answer is no. Here’s why.

Our party is legally registered as the “Green Party Political Association of British Columbia”. We were the very first Green Party formed in North America and were registered as a society on February 6, 1983.

Being registered as a society was fundamentally important and intentional by our founding members.. It was done so that our members always had a say in the direction and policies of the party. It was also to mitigate our party from being taken over by corporate lobbyists or special interest groups. That is about as grassroots as a party can be and is one of the parts of our party that makes us different, more inclusive and more democratic than the other political parties. It fully aligns with the Six Core Principles that guide us.

I fully support our BC Green policies and platform that were created based on the input of all our members.

In order for you to get a sense of my positions on key issues and my leadership style, each week I am publishing an article on a variety of issues facing British Columbians including my recommended solutions. Please see the “Issues” tab on my website: www.kimdarwin.ca to review previously published articles.

I firmly believe that it is not the role of  the party leader to take a top down approach to unilaterally create policies. It is up to you, as members, to share your expertise and values in forming a robust, well thought out set of policies based on our core principles that will guide the formation of our election platform. 

Over my 6 years as a volunteer with the BC Green Party, I have met so many thought-leaders and experts within our party. My promise to you is that any policy issues will be work-shopped with experts in their respective fields prior to bringing to the membership to ensure we have the most well researched policies and platforms possible. We are a people-powered party and that is how we are going to lead.