Donate by cheque or e-transfer

We love donations by cheque or e-transfer, because it means less of your contribution going to credit card processing fees, and more of it going towards electing Kim Darwin as the next leader of the BC Green Party instead!

If you plan to donate by cheque or e-transfer, please submit the form below so we that have your civic address on record as required by law, and so that we know to expect your donation. 

Right after you submit this form, we'll send you to a page as well as email you with instructions on how to send your cheque or e-transfer.

Thank you!

Contribution rules

By contributing, you are affirming that this is a personal contribution – it is not being made on behalf of a corporation or union. You are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident AND a resident of BC.

Please note: Contributions to this leadership campaign are not eligible for a political contribution tax receipt.