Support Kim Darwin
for Leadership of the BC Green Party

Start_quotes.pngWe have watched BC's political leaders sit on their hands for decades as our climate crisis worsens, and as our opportunities for economic leadership erode. It's as if they are sitting at an unfamiliar intersection, idling, waiting for the light to change. 

The light has changed my friends - to Green.  It's time for us to lead. 

I am ready to do the heavy lifting as Leader between now and the next election, to allow our elected MLAs to focus squarely on the promotion of policies that will result in environmental, economic, social and fiscal sustainability in British Columbia, and honour our CASA obligations.End_quotes.png

 -------------------- Kim Darwin 2020

It has been 30 years since the BC Green Party formed and began the fight to bring our climate, our economy and our people together to build a better future for all. 

We were right then. We are right now. And we mean, right now

With a united, expanded and focused voice, our message and our mission will have its day.

Kim Darwin is the leader the BC Green Party needs today, in order to make our priorities and policies a reality tomorrow.

Let's do this together. Now is the time.

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